The Arc and Orion Browsers

I am a Safari user on my Mac, iPad, and iPhone. I like to have continuity between devices. But recently, I was testing some other browsers: Orion and Arc.

Months ago, I heard about the Orion Browser. It looks like Safari with an ad block. I have also used it on my iPad. With the help of Orion, I started not to hate Google. It is the ad block capacity that made Google loveable. I can use an extension on my Safari for that, but I prefer the stock version of browsers, preferably with no extension other than a theme.

Then I tried the Arc browser. Unfortunately, Chromium-based. But that left-bar approach is the most game-changing part. I am very bad at managing my bookmarks. This is the real solution to that. Drag the tab when necessary, and you are done. I noticed I was doing the same thing with Safari using the pins. But the left-bar approach is the optimum solution. Our screens are wide enough.

The only problem is the Apple Keychain. I started not to use any third-party password managers. Orion is mostly capable of using it. But I could not find any way to use it on Arc. That is why I am using them in a limited manner.

The Arc Browser does not have an iPad version. This makes its usage limited for my non-work-related browsing.

I want those two browsers to get better. I will follow and use them frequently. I am very glad to have these options, even though one of them uses Chromium as an engine.

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