Leaving Fedora Linux

For about more than a year I was using Fedora distribution as my GNU/Linux system. These days I was mostly missing my Debian days which was about 12 years ago that is why I started to keep Debian stable as a virtual machine. When Debian 12 is released I started considering to switch. Leaving Fedora was a decision I already made.

This week I heard that the main sponsor and developer company of Fedora GNU/Linux is acting unethical. The firm RedHat (actually IBM) is restricting its source code to only paid users and forcing their paid users not to redistribute the source code.

For me this is unacceptable in GNU ecosystem. Even though Fedora and RHEL are completely different products I do not want to build my products on top of a distribution that is run by an a company which normalize unethical moves.

I have no problem with company sponsored GNU/Linux distributions. I regularly use Ubuntu of Canonical. But Redhat is now converting a GNU/Linux distribution to a non-free software.

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