Delving Deeper: A Dungeon Game Devlog #1

I do not play games much. But I would like to develop one. I previously considered creating simple mobile games, but that idea has never materialized. So this time, I feel like I am ready.

The current mobile game market is full of trash. I do not want to mimic those games. I will copy some of them for learning purposes, but my releases should not be alike.

I am a software developer. With the help of my daily practice, the coding part will be more accessible and less problematic.

Deciding the genre:

I need to pick something not very challenging. I need to be able to dream about it. I am not an expert on any game engine, so it should be relatively easy for a novice developer. Also, play testing will be one of the most time-consuming parts; if I do not like the game, I cannot dedicate my spare time. Based on these constraints, I am picking the dungeon crawl genre.

The assets:

I am not an artist in any way. Visuals, sounds, etc. I have no idea how to create it. I am not even good at picking the good one among many. (Good luck developing games with this taste.)

I will need to use a pre-made asset set. I browsed many asset stores, and it looks like Kenney has some fantastic 2D assets for my taste. So I will pick one or more and create my dungeons with their help.

The time plan:

There is no real plan for this journey. Also, the main aim of this journey is not to release a product. It is just for learning and the fun of the development process itself.

But all software projects need a plan and time budget. I foresee at least two years to release a product on a single platform. And with those two years, I will probably develop only the minimum playable game with 2-3 levels.

Expected delivery may look very far from now, but I must note that I have only weekends for coding and some evenings on weekdays. 

Also, I may need to develop some side projects to learn unrelated methods for this project. This one will be my main goal, but that does not mean it will be only a side project in these two years.

A name and a story:

I am looking for one. And I will share all stages of game design. But, if you are a novice game developer or designer, please do not take my journey as your guide. It will include more faults than correct actions.

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